What Not To Say To Someone With Anxiety

What Not To Say To Someone With Anxiety.

With 1 in 4 adults in the UK being diagnosed with a mental illness you’ll likely know someone suffering from anxiety. Heres what not to say to someone with anxiety.

“Just get over it”

Firstly you can’t “just get over it” it’s not something that just disappears. You have to realise that people with anxiety live in an almost constant state of fear. It’s stressful enough without people thinking you’re just putting on a front.

“You were fine last week”

Not strictly true. You’re never “fine” somedays you can cope better than others. If anything this statement just draws attention to the fact that people have noticed a change in our behaviour which ultimately makes the anxiety worse.

“Why don’t you just take tablets for it”

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with taking medication to help cope with anxiety, some people fear the idea of mood-altering drugs. Also don’t just assume that someone hasn’t already tried that route. Taking medication for anxiety comes with a list of side effects which can make anxiety symptoms worse for months before it gets any better.

“You’re just being lazy”

No. Anxiety has many symptoms including headaches, tiredness, muscle and joint pain. Anxiety doesn’t only affect the brain but the entire body, if some days are particularly stressful the symptoms get more intense.

“Your panic attack was embarrassing”

*Sigh* Panic attacks are not a joke. The person having one is in a state of intense fear and likely thinks they’re about to die. IT IS TERRIFYING. If someone you know is having a panic attack do not make a big deal of it, take them somewhere quiet or just hold their hand and tell them its okay and it will pass. Don’t make them feel embarrassed, it will only make the panic attack worse.

“My Aunt’s Cousin’s Sister’s Mum has anxiety a lot worse than you do”

Don’t compare peoples anxieties, it’s not a competition between who has it worse. Some people are better at handling their anxiety than others.

“You’ll be fine”

When fearing 1000 things at once you’re never fine. What seems like something small to you may be a huge issue for someone else. We are not all the same and we do not feel the same about certain situations.


If you suffer from anxiety and would like to add something to this list please leave a comment below.

Bea xo

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