Using Apple cider vinegar for weight loss.*TMI WARNING*

After searching online for tips to boost weight loss I came across tons of posts and videos about Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss. Majority of the post raved about how good it was for losing weight along with other things like treating acne and keeping hair soft and shiny.
To use Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss you should mix 2 teaspoons of ACV into 230ml of water and drink 2x a day, preferably before meals. You shouldn’t drink it undiluted as it can cause some serious damage to your throat and stomach.
As I’m actively losing weight through healthy eating I calculated that I tend to lose around 1-2lbs a week on average, and half an inch around my waist every 2weeks. I’m going to continue doing everything the same so I can see if the AVC really works.

Day 1
I started out by taking a waist measurement and weighing myself so I can keep track of any loss.
I was most curious as to what it would taste like. Will it taste of apples? Will it taste of vinegar? Will it taste like both? The answer is… It tastes of vinegar! I wouldn’t say it’s an unbearable taste. However, I do like vinegar. I had my first glass before breakfast and my second before dinner. I didn’t notice anything different in regards to how much food I could eat, and I had a huge craving for Oreos in the evening (I didn’t give in).

Day 2
I had my first glass before breakfast and after 1 slice of toast, I was stuffed! I continued to feel full all day I even had to skip my lunch. The same thing happened at dinner time, halfway through my dinner I was super full but I did force myself to eat it as I had skipped my lunch. I continued to feel full all evening with no cravings at all.

Feeling super bloated and tired today I haven’t been able to go for a “number two” for the last 3 days. I continued to use to AVC as usual. I could not get comfortable in bed due to my stomach feeling like I had swallowed a beach ball.

I still haven’t been able to go for a “number two” and I’m starting to think it is caused by the AVC as its the only thing that’s changed in my diet. However, for the sake of the test I carried on as usual with my two glasses of diluted AVC. I had zero energy all day and generally like poop.
I truly felt awful in the evening, my stomach was as hard as a rock and I again I couldn’t get comfortable in bed.

I decided to jump on the scales this morning to see if I could notice any change, to my horror I had gained 3lbs and 2inches around my waist! Not the result I was expecting. I still haven’t gone for a “number two” either. I searched online if anyone else has had this happen when using AVC, there were a handful of posts about people going through the thing I am. I made the decision to drink any AVC today as I don’t think my stomach agreed with it all. All day my stomach was making loud gurgling noises… Low and behold I finally did a “number two” THREE TIMES!


I’m really gutted I had to cut my little experiment short, but I could not deal with the stomach pains any longer. There are many success stories from people using Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss but unfortunately, mine is a success story.
Everyone is different so don’t let my review on it put you off if you’re wanting to try it. From now on I’ll be sticking to my usual healthy diet to shift the weight.

Bea xo

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    Alessandra says:

    Tried this for a week! Had this as my first drink of the day – truly awful stuff and had no effect on my weight, it just gave me a tummy ache. Went back to drinking a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon:)


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