Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Review

Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Review

The Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light is one of the most advanced blue light therapy treatments available on the market. It uses blue light that penetrates beneath the skin surface to destroy acne-causing bacteria, and unlike most acne treatments it doesn’t require any harsh or drying chemicals.

The light itself came tucked up in a cute box with instructions, power supply and USB cable and best of all it was fully charged so I could get started right away! I was expecting that it would be difficult to use but to my surprise, it was very easy. The light itself is a pretty smart piece of technology as it turns on with skin contact and turns off when moved off the skin.

Day 1-3

I seem to be breaking out a lot on the lower half of my face so I really wanted to get that area clear as I have a few large events coming up. After washing and drying my face I gently moved the light in circular motions over my problem areas for 5 minutes. The light does get warm which is normal but it’s not uncomfortable. I followed my treatment with my favourite moisturiser.

Day 3-7

By my 4th use, I found my skin became a little dry which is completely normal when using this product and it’s nothing that a good scrub and deep moisturiser can’t fix. I also can already see a difference in my skin, and the 5-minute routine is fitting nicely around my daily schedules.

Day 7-14

I was still experiencing a small amount of dryness but I could see that the blue light was doing its job, my breakouts where shrinking and I hadn’t had any new pimples pop up (pardon the pun). If I’m honest I am always sceptical when using new products as my skin can be sensitive but the Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light is gentle and has really made a difference to my skin.


Overall in the last two weeks, I’ve noticed that the light helped to quickly shrink my breakouts and prevent more pimples from appearing. I would suggest to always follow up the treatment with an intensive moisturiser and keep at it! I’ve had a total skin transformation in only two weeks of using this magical little light. If you want to purchase your own Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light you can do so here.

Bea xo

*This product was sent to me free for review, however, this does not affect my opinion of this product in any way. You can read about my commitment to writing honest reviews in my terms and conditions.

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