Things I’ve Learned Since Moving Out

My Relationship With My Parents Is Better

My parents and I have always had a strained relationship, we are all very stubborn so when living together we didn’t mix very well. Seeing them now feels more like a treat than a chore making our time together more special.

Paying Bills Is More Important Than Buying Luxuries

As much as I would rather buy more clothes than paying my bills, being in debt is the worst! When I first moved out at 17 I always put my social life first and ended up getting myself into BAD debt. The stress of having debt took a serious toll on my health and I realised I would rather be sat indoors watching a movie debt free than out spending my rent money on a good time. It’s a good idea to figure out your budget before accidentally overspending.

Fake Friends

Some of my “Friends” where only hanging around because I had the freedom of my own home. They would come round and trash my flat, eat my food, expect to stay around all the time and generally disrespect my home. Once I decided enough was enough and I stopped letting them round as much they stopped talking to me.


It’s the little things that I enjoy the most like, watching what I want on Tv, Eating what I want for dinner and staying up as late as I want without annoying other people.

Eating Well

When you’ve got the freedom to buy your own food, of course, you’re going to want to eat yummy things. After gaining 6st from constantly eating junk I decided I need to look after my health and eat better. Research recipes to try keeps things fun in the kitchen even if it’s only once or twice a week.

Nights In Become Perfect

There’s nothing I love more than curling up on the sofa, watching a movie and eating popcorn. I used to hate spending the nights at home but now it just feels so perfect.

Buying Furniture Is Expensive

One of the things I never thought about before moving out, I guess I had never looked at prices for beds, sofas etc. If you’re planning on moving out I would suggest you save up some extra money for furniture as its super expensive.

Don’t Paint Walls Bright Colours If Your “Style” Is Always Changing

I’m one of these people who love to switch things up and change them often. The biggest mistake I made was painting a wall a really dark colour and buying pink curtains. As much as I loved my pink curtains it was SO hard to find anything to match. All my walls and furniture are now white or grey, this makes it easier for me to change the colour of throw cushions, bedding and candles etc so I can make things look different each season.

Washing Clothes Properly

The first time I washed my clothes I stuck a bright red jumper in with a bunch of light colours on the hottest wash possible. 1. The cycle lasted 3 hours! 2. All of my clothes turned pink. Not my proudest moment, it’s worth taking time separating your washing into piles according to colours and making sure you wash at the correct temperature.

Writing Lists Before Going Shopping

When I go shopping I always think “I need 7 days worth of food” but I forget things like washing up liquid, cleaning spray and tin foil. Lists are your best friend! As soon as you run out of something write it on your shopping list so you don’t end up paying double the price for it at the corner shop.

Being An Adult 

I hate the word adult. I don’t want to be one… but I guess I am. As much as I hate being an adult I’m so grateful for everything I have now and I feel like I have earned the Adult title. It’s all part of growing up and entering the next stage of your life. It has its ups and down but it gets me excited for my future! I guess the only way is up!

What have you learned from moving out?

Bea xo

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