The Walking Dead Ride – Midfright Experience

The Walking Dead Ride – Midfright Experience


Having been a fan of The Walking Dead since the season started back on 2011 I was super excited to find out that Thorpe Park now has a The Walking Dead Ride. The ride is actually a re-theme of X; No Way Out.

On the 23rd of April Thorpe Park released 1000 tickets for people to attend an event called “Midfright”. Thorpe Park gave people attending Midfright the very exclusive experience to ride The Walking Dead Ride at midnight. The only thing you had to do was to turn up dressed as a walker and be prepared to act like one for the duration of the event.

Whilst queuing to enter the park 4 there was an outbreak of walkers who interacted with the crowd whilst we waited for further instruction. Once the gates opened at 11pm we all made our way to the ride, there were tons of actors out ready to scare us (which I was not expecting).

You can certainly tell that The Walking Dead Ride was X; No Way Out but with a watchtower out front and the words “TP SAFE ZONE” painted onto the building. I do think the fact it still looks like X adds to effect that Thorpe Park has been taken over by walkers and is now an apocalyptic land.

The actors in the queue line made standing in a queue a fun and exciting experience rather than a boring long one. There was a particular walker who played a nice zombie who was scared of the nasty ones, he was by far my favourite as he provided some comic relief to the horror going on around us.

We were put into a group of 20 before entering the building into the pre-show area, after being asked “the questions” and being rudely interrupted by a herd of walkers we rushed out of the pre-show area and into the long dark corridors. The fear overtook and our entire group freaked out and we all ended up running through the corridors and up to the rides boarding platform so I didn’t get to take in the corridors new makeover.

Once we arrived at the boarding platform there was a bunch of theming around and a few easter eggs if you look closely. Once on the ride and after the safety checks were done we were off to escape the walkers.

The attention to detail during the ride was amazing, I’m going to need to ride it a few more time so I can really soak it all in there’s a lot to see! At the exit platform, a member of staff screamed at us to move through the iconic “DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE” doors to escape the walkers. As soon as the doors opened we were faced with walkers who were not holding back, there was something lurking in every dark corner and I was petrified.

We navigated our way through pitch black darkness and aggressive walkers until we finally made it out where we were greeted by our friendly walker who lead us to safety. You can then view you ride photos in the megastore and also grab a drink and a snack to calm your nerves!

Overall I was really impressed with Thorpe Parks effort with the re-theme, I have no idea why so many people keep slating it! The whole Midfright experience was amazing and I’m glad we made the 2hr journey to do it. I have always been too scared to attend fright nights at the park but after the major adrenaline rush I got from Midfright I will 100% be attending Fright Nights this year!


Thank you, Thorpe Park, for giving us this amazing experience! Meet you back at the safe zone in June…

Bea xo

Want to experiance The Walking Dead Ride yourself? Buy tickets to Thorpe Park here.

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    Shannon says:

    I wanted to go but I did not think it would be Worth the travel. Do you know if they will be doing it again and was it really scary? I’m a wimp ahaha xx

    • BeaLou
      BeaLou says:

      Hi Shannon, Thorpe Park has not said anything about doing Midfright again, but if you follow their socials I’m sure they’ll post about it if they do. It was quite scary (I’m also a wimp) but it was a lot of fun! xo

  2. Avatar
    Dean Moon says:

    the fella in the group picture is freaky asf 😬 im going to the park on saturday can’t wait to go on twd ride 👌🏻


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