Sad things I have noticed about loosing weight.

People acknowledge me now.

When I was heavier I noticed that barely any of my partner’s friends would acknowledge me, we would go down the pub and he would be greeted with handshakes and hugs and I would barely get a “hello”. Now they all greet me with smiles and hugs and the only thing that has changed is my weight. I had myself questioning if I had offended these people at one point, but it seems the only thing that offended them was my excess weight.

People will try to sabotage your diet.

When you’re out for a meal and the people around you are ordering pizza or burgers and you get a healthy rice bowl or a salad you’re instantly shot with “treat yourself once in a while” “That’s not enough to fill you up” “Do you want anything else? A starter or dessert?”. It seems eating healthy around other people makes them feel guilty about their choices and they take it out on you. I’ve told people that I’m trying to be healthy and they have purposely bought me desserts and calorific drinks even when I have stated I do not want them.

Friends/Acquaintances become jealous and sour.

A few situations come to mind. One is where a friend of mine girlfriend seemed to have a major disliking for me because of my weight when I started loosing she would make comments like “I haven’t noticed but I bet you feel better” “You should start shopping at PLT” which at the time only carried sizes 6-14 and I was an 18 forcing me to confess in front of a group full of people that I am still too big for “nice clothes” after I lost more weight she then started picking apart my appearance by saying things like “You’d look better with bigger lips” ”You should cut your hair”.

Another is when I was being praised by people for my 5 stone weight loss and a girl in the group straight up threw a hissy fit because the conversation wasn’t about her and how good she looked in her new outfit. She then told me not to lose any more weight (even though I am still overweight) because I looked better before.

You will unintentionally upset people.

Whether it’s because they don’t have your will power or they’re jealous you’ve lost weight you WILL upset people. It’s a sad truth unfortunately, I have even stopped talking about my weight loss journey with certain people because I can tell it upsets them.

People love to see you fail.

If you have been lax over Christmas and gained 16lbs (like I did one year) people will just LOVE to say things like “oh you’ve put on a little weight” “I knew that diet wouldn’t last” or giving you that smug side smirk when you complain that you’ve gained weight.

You may never see yourself as anything other than your previously obese/overweight self.

This is the saddest part for me. I know that I have lost weight because I’ve gone from a size 22 to a 14 but when I look into the mirror all I can see is a big belly, flabby thighs and fat arms. In my eyes, I see no physical difference in my appearance and it is really discouraging. Sometimes I cannot bare to look into the mirror because I’m disgusted with myself and miserable that all my hard work has me looking the same as I did before.


Bea xo

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