Reasons Why I Love Being An Older Sister

A few years ago I met with my Mum in town, virtually straight away she said “so I think I’m pregnant” and then she proceeded to show me pictures of a few pregnancy tests she had taken… It wasn’t too much of a shock as I knew her and my Step Dad were trying to get pregnant, I was just so happy and excited.

Little did I know, that small human would change my life…


Being Able To Enjoy Mum Being Pregnant

I think if my Mum had my sister when I was young I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy her pregnancy as much as I did at 20 years old. I loved watching my Mums tummy grow, feeling my sister moving about and attending scans.

Not Having To Live With A New Born/Child

As much as I love my sister I am glad I’m not living at home anymore so I don’t have to deal with the crying and tantrums haha!

Watching Her Grow

Every time I see her she knows a new word or she’s grown out of her shoes it’s honestly amazing watching a tiny human grow up and get their own personality.

Having Someone Truly Excited To See/Speak To You

A feeling like no other! When I get random phone/video calls from my little sister it really brightens my whole day, I can’t understand half of what she says but it still means everything to me that she just wants to chat to me.


I’m not a massively affectionate person but when my sister cuddles me or gives me a snot covered kiss my ice cold heart has no choice but to melt! Sometimes I just want to squeeze her face off when she’s being super cute.

Becoming A Better Person

I was never a bad person… but I did do some questionable things. I always said I wanted to be a good role model for my sister so I gave up smoking, make good choices, try not to swear (at least around her) and learned to have a positive outlook on life. I generally try to surround my sister with a lot of positivity, I never want her to grow up with a negative outlook on life.

Having A Friend For Life

There may be a 20+ year age gap between us but that will never matter, I’ll always be her best friend and she’ll always be mine. I cannot wait to watch her reach her milestones and share so many amazing memories with her.

In some ways my sister saved me, she made me realise that life is perfect and wonderful. I feel truly honoured to have the title of Big Sister!

Bea xo

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    Mum x says:

    Just asked her how much she loves you and she said ‘ I love MY SISTER £2!’
    I’m guessing that’s a lot more to her than it is to us 😉 xx
    So proud of you baby girl xx


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