Makeup Obsession Palette Review

Makeup Obsession Palette Review

I love buying makeup palettes but I don’t always use all the shades. The makeup obsession palettes are great for people who want to build a custom palette of eyeshadow, contour, blush, highlight, eyebrow and lip colours.

I was completely spoilt for choice with all the colours they have to choose from but I’m more of a “natural look” kind of girl so I decided to create my perfect natural look palette.

Medium Empty Palette £4 – Fits 6 singles

Large Empty Palette £8- Fits 12 singles

Each single costs £2 – £3 for 2g

I chose the medium pink palette which looks like a darkish pink colour online, when it arrived however it is a very bright hot pink colour. The palette its self is a sturdy plastic and has a large mirror inside.

I filled my palette with 1 highlighter, 1 blush, 1 contour and 3 eyeshadows.

Highlight – H105 Bare

As the theme for my pallet is natural I wanted a natural glowing from within highlighter. I love the silky texture of this highlighter, it blends into skin beautifully leaving a very subtle glow.

Blush – B106 Fancy

This blush arrived looking nothing like it does on the website. I ordered a light dusty pink colour and it arrived looking very peachy toned. Although it’s very pigmented and easy to blend the colour, unfortunately, doesn’t suit my skin tone so I don’t think I’ll be getting much use out of it.

Contour – C102 Light

This is the perfect contour shade for me. I really truly love it, it’s super easy to blend and doesn’t look orange or muddy. The pigmentation is good but not so intense that it’s hard to get a nice application.

Eyeshadow – Bone, Daze and Taupe

Still keeping to the natural theme I stuck to matte light brown tones for that no makeup make up look

Bone – As a lid colour as it’s not far from my own skin tone.

Daze – As a transition shade.

Taupe – To darken the crease.

All the shadows are very bendable but not overly pigmented with one swipe however they are easily buildable.

Overall I’m impressed with this palette. I love that you can choose what you want your palette to be filled with, the colour selection is pretty good so you’ll likely find a shade that suits your skin tone. Each single comes inside its own case so you can swap around products as and when you want to.

Bea xo


If you want to purchase your own Makeup Obsession Palette you can do so here:

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