LUSH Valentines Day Haul

If there’s one thing I love to spend my money on its LUSH. Although most of their products are great I can’t get enough of their bath bombs!

Rose Bombshell 

This bath bomb is perfect for valentines day! It has a comforting rose scent if you’re familiar with LUSH products it smells just like Rose Jam. This bath bomb turns the water a beautiful shade of pink with yellow rose petals floating on top of the water. Although the giant one is very expensive, it is a great gift idea or just a nice treat for yourself!


Big Blue

One of my all-time favourites! Big Blue is not part of the valentines collection so it is available all year round. It smells just like fresh sea air, full of sea salt and seaweed it leaves you feeling truly relaxed and smelling amazing.



Love Boat

Possibly the cutest bath bomb from the LUSH valentines collection. Love Boat Smells just like Pez candy and it turns the bath water a pinky purple colour with tons of shimmer floating around. I love using the shimmery bath bombs before going on a night out as it leaves my skin looking gorgeously glowy.



Ylang Song Bombshell

This bath bomb has a very floral perfumed fragrance, which reminds me a lot of a spa. Don’t be fooled by it’s plain white outside as there’s a very colourful surprised inside.


Tisty Tosty

I was a fan of this bath bomb last year but I love it so much more this year! Last year Tisty Tosty was just plain white with rosebuds, it didn’t colour the water which was a shame because that’s half the fun of using a bath bomb. This year it’s had a makeover! The scent is still the same, I think it smells a lot like baby powder which makes it a really comforting scent, it also turns your bath water a gorgeous pink shade with a few rose buds floating about. LUSH made a good choice with giving Tisty Tosty a little makeover.

What’s your favourite LUSH bath bomb?

Happy Valentine’s day!

Bea xo

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