How I’m Losing Weight The Easy Way.

Since leaving home and living by myself I let the freedom of buying my own food take over me. For years I’ve been eating naughty foods and letting the weight pile on. A while ago I decided to jump on the scales to see how much I actually weighed (I hadn’t weighed myself since 2011) When I looked down at the scales I was shocked to see I weighed 17st 4lb and confirmed obese. From that day onwards I decided it was time to look after my body and shift some weight.

After spending months “dieting” by only eating 1 meal a day I was not seeing much of a result. I ended up losing my first stone about 3 months later. I thought to myself “I must be doing something wrong”. I downloaded a calorie tracker on my phone, it turns out even though I was only eating 1 meal a day most of my meals were OVER my calorie and fat intake for the day!

That Explains a lot.

Starting Again

I had read an article about a couple who had lost a ton of weight by eating off a child-sized plate so I made the decision to do the same. I cut my meals down to half adding more veggies and fewer products containing high fat. Also, I switched my bread and pasta to whole wheat.

The first time I had dinner from a small plate I thought I would not be full up, but to my surprise, I was pretty full. After my first week, I jumped on the scales and had a 4lb loss! It defiantly gave me the incentive to carry on with restricting my calorie intake!

Being A Lazy Cook Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Lose Weight

I don’t have the time to be making all my meals from scratch so I tend to buy a lot of pre-made items. Of course, making food from scratch will likely mean it has fewer calories etc but sometimes people just don’t have the time to do it. As long as you’re not eating too much food you should still be consistently losing weight.


It wasn’t long before I could not handle overeating anymore and I was losing weight at a healthy rate! Once I had lost around 2 stone people started to notice and my clothes became loose which defiantly boosted my confidence. I CAN DO THIS!

December was a very hard month to lose weight, in fact, I actually gained 4lbs over the festive period, going back to eating normally in January was pretty hard but I knew it was for the best.

I tend to give myself a small target to reach, for example, lose 2lbs in 3 weeks. I always make my small targets very reachable as it takes a lot of pressure off of me.

I Don’t Work Out

I really HATE working out, so I don’t. Yes, it helps when losing weight but for me, it hasn’t been something I have had to do to lose weight. I don’t have the time to be spending hours at the gym nor will my dog give me enough space to do any exercises at home. I do however take my doggo out for walks which I guess means I do exercise.. a bit.

Example Of What I Eat In A Day

Breakfast – 1 slice of wholewheat toast with dairy free butter and marmite. 1 cup of tea with no milk. A small handful of nuts.

Lunch – 1 Nakd bar or 1 Deliciously Ella bar and a piece of fruit

Dinner – 1 McCains jacket potato with half a can of Heinz beans with a little bit of Pink Himalayan Salt and White Pepper.

Snacks – 1 square of 70% Dark chocolate. 100g of Blueberries.

Drinks – 2ltrs of filtered water or water with freshly squeezed Lemon juice


  • Be happy that you’ve only lost 1 pound! Any loss is good!
  • If you want a treat, have a treat! Just make sure you’re still within your calorie limit.
  • Track your calories. Yes it’s annoying sometimes but it really does help you get an understanding of how much food you are eating (I use the Nutra Check app)
  • Avoid weighing yourself every day as your weight can fluctuate by a few pounds, instead weigh yourself once a week first thing in the morning before eating.
  • Take a multivitamin. When you’re restricting your calories you may not be getting as many nutrients in your food (especially if you’re not keen on veggies) Taking a multivitamin should give you a little boost. consult your doctor before taking any vitamins etc

So far on my weight loss journey, I have lost just over 4stone, I still have a few stone left to lose before I am a healthy weight but I’m so happy with my progress so far.

I have another post about what people don’t tell you when losing weight that you may find interesting. I would love to know about your weight loss journey, leave a comment below!

Bea xo

Ps. I am in no way a health professional so if you are planning on losing weight consult your doctor and get their professional opinion first.

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