How To Get The Perfect Shave

How To Get The Perfect Shave In 6 Easy Steps.

Step One – Get Rid Of Old Razors

Do not use old razors! After some time razors become blunt and can cause shaving rash and minor cuts. It’s best to replace razors/razor heads after 5-7 uses. If you don’t shave very often be sure to replace razors at least once a month as they are a breeding ground for bacteria. My favourite razor is the Venus Swirl.

Step Two – Exfoliate

It’s important to remove dead skin and dirt from the skin before shaving to ensure you get a close shave. I use the St Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer. Tip – Work the product into the skin using circular motions for best results.

Step Three – Use Shaving Gel/Cream

Using a shaving gel/cream reduces the friction between your skin and the razor blade giving you a smoother more comfortable shave. Using a shave gel/cream also gives you a guide as to where you have and haven’t shaved. I use Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel.

Step Four – Shave Correctly

Shaving the correct way is extremely important to ensure you get a smooth and even shave. Shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth and do not go over the same area more than once as it can cause irritation. Tip – Rinse the razor between each section to remove the build-up of hair in the razor.

Step Five – Be Gentle

Treat your freshly shaved skin like a newborn, pat skin dry and try not to put your skin in contact with anything rough or highly fragranced as your skin can be a little sensitive straight after shaving.

Step Six – Hydrate

Apply a light moisturiser to restore skins moisture and keep your skin feeling soft. I love the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Cream.


And that’s how to get the perfect shave!

Bea xo

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