How To Get Shiny Hair

How To Get Shiny Hair

Dull hair can usually be fixed with a very simple haircare routine and at very little cost. Shiny hair not only makes your hair look fabulous but can also create a more put together look overall. Yes but how?! You ask… Well, here are my tips on how to get shiny hair – and it’s super easy!


The shampoos you use will tend to play a big role in why your hair inst looking glossy and sleek. If you’re shampooing on the regular you’re removing your natural oils that keep your hair looking shiny. If you have dry hair opt for a nourishing or hydrating shampoo but if you find your roots get greasy easily use a shampoo that is tailored for greasy hair. Tip: Avoid using shampoo on the ends and lengths of your hair unless you have product build up. As the ends and lengths tend to be weaker than your roots and scrubbing them with shampoo can cause dryness and breakage.


You know when you feel your skin starting to go tight and dry after washing your face? That’s exactly what happens to your hair so it’s vital to add some hydration back to your strands. As my hair is particularly dry I like to condition from root to tip but if you have a greasy hair type just focus the conditioner on your lengths and ends. Using a hair mask once a week will also help boost your shine. Tip: Squeeze excess water from your hair before applying conditioner as it helps your hair absorb the product.

Leave In Conditioners/Serums/Oils

I have never really bothered with leave-in conditioners/serums/oils but since discovering them I have noticed a vast difference in the shininess and quality of my hair. After patting excess water from my hair with a towel I like to generously spray my leave-in conditioner through the lengths and ends of my hair. If you have really dry hair you may find a hair oil works better for you, for fine hair serums are the best way to go.


Not something you would have ever thought could help with the shininess of your hair, right? But drying your hair in a downwards motion helps keep your flyaways looking flat creating the illusion your hair is shinier and sleeker. If you prefer to let your hair dry naturally, keep your hair secured in a braid or clipped out of the way to dry. Tip: If you’re using a hair dryer always apply a heat protecting spray to avoid damage to the hair!

Give Me More!

Okay okay okay, your hair may look shinier but if you’re left wanting a more glossy look there are a few more things you can do. Shine sprays are one of the easiest fail-safe options, or you can use a small amount of serum on dry hair. Serum, however, can be tricky to use as if you use even a tad too much it can leave your hair looking greasy. Disperse a small amount of serum onto your fingertips and rub together, lightly run your fingers through the lengths and ends of your hair, you can use any leftover product on roots/top of your head to smooth any flyaways you may have.


I told you it was simple! Remember to be patient, it may take a couple of washes etc to see a more drastic result but you should see results virtually straight away! You don’t need any fancy products and it can definitely be done on a budget.

Bea xo

Products I Recommend:

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Palmers Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner

Superdrug Hydrate & Shine Coconut Water Hair Mask

OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

VO5 Sleek Blow Dry Heat Protect Spray

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