How To Get Healthy Nails

How To get Healthy Nails In 8 Simple Steps.

Use A Moisturising Hand Wash

Most hand washes can be very harsh on the nails, stripping them of their natural oils and leaving them dried out which can result in flaking. Opt for a moisturising hand wash like the Superdrug Moisture Plus Handwash.

Keep Them Dry

It’s a good idea to keep your nails dry as prolonged exposure to water can weaken them, Especially when you’re cleaning. Cleaning products will leave your hands and nails extremely dry and brittle, so protect your nails by using gloves when washing up and cleaning.


Moisturising your hands and nails is a very important step to achieving healthy nails. Without moisture, your nails may turn brittle and break frequently. Apply a generous amount of hand and nail cream to the hands and rub into the skin, make sure you pay lots of attention to the cuticles and nails. My favourite is the Caudalie hand and nail cream.

File in One Direction

Always file in one direction and never back and forth. Filing back and forth can leave the nail tip frayed rather and a smooth clean cut, making your nails weaker and more prone to breakage. Using a glass or crystal nail file will give you a smoother finish when compared to your standard emery board. I use the Superdrug glass nail file.

Stay Away From Nail Hardeners

I think we all make this mistake at some point, whilst nail hardeners definitely create the feeling of strong and healthy nails they also make your nails very stiff. Meaning if your knock your nail it will likely snap as there is no flexibility to them.


There are tons of “Hair, Skin And Nail” vitamins out there. However, most contain high levels of biotin which can cause breakouts in people with acne-prone skin. Instead, you could take a multivitamin and mineral. I take Veganicity multivitamin and mineral.

Always consult your doctor before taking vitamins.

Oil Up

Lots of people swear that oiling their nails and cuticles is the secret to healthy nails. Jojoba oil and castor oil being some of the best to keep those nails growing and healthy. Apply a drop or two onto the nail and cuticle and massage in until fully absorbed, repeat as often as needed.

Paint For Protection

Painting your nails provides an extra little layer of protection against the elements. Always top your polish off with a top coat to prevent your polish from chipping and exposing the nail. I use Essie Nail polish and Orly Top Coat.


Bea xo

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    Allessandra says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your tip about the benefits of using oil on nails and cuticles. My nails have always been very weak and brittle and I’ve never been able to grow them. Now, after removing old polish with nail varnish remover, I rinse it off and massage almond oil into my nails and leave it to sink in for half an hour before re-painting. I also eat a small portion of almonds and walnuts daily. Almonds are packed with magnesium which is really good for your hair and nails. After a few weeks, my nails are noticeably stronger and grow without breaking.
    Thanks Bealou 🙂


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