Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix June 2018

Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix June 2018

Here we are again one of my favourite times of the month! I was hoping to snag a mini bottle of perfume this month but there were only the 1ml vial sizes, but I did end up getting a few exciting things to try. Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix costs £3.95 and that £3.95 is credited back to your Feel Unique account to spend on future hauls.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff

I can’t say I have ever tried a “body mask” but that’s exactly what this is, well you can use it as a mask or just as an exfoliator. I opted to use it as a mask in hopes it would instantly make me have a nicer booty… I applied the mask to dry skin and laid very awkwardly on my bed for 10 minutes until it dried. Unfortunately, it didn’t give me an instantly amazing booty but it did leave my skin very soft and smooth. It was a pretty small sample so I used the whole tube in one go. The full size is pretty pricey but for the experience, I feel like its worth the price.

Sample Size – 15ml

Sample Worth – £1.95

Rating – ☆☆☆☆

Glamglow Dream Duo

I have had samples of Glamglow masks in the past and they’re great, however, I haven’t repurchased just because they’re so expensive! I really want to fall in love with a product before I risk spending almost £50 on a face mask. The Dream Duo claims to transform your skin overnight so you wake up with “makeup ready with an instant sexy Hollywood glow”. I followed the instructions before bedtime and when I woke up I did notice that my skin looked for radiant and plump. Although it did an amazing job I feel like I have far cheaper products that do the same thing.

Sample Size – 3ml

Sample Worth – £6.30

Rating – ☆☆☆☆

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

My skin has been rather dry recently so I have been on the lookout for a cleanser that won’t dry my skin out even more. First of all, it smells amazing, it did a good job at removing my make up including eyelash glue and waterproof mascara. The cleanser didn’t leave me dry nor did it sting my skin. The sample lasted me 2 washes but that was enough to have me sold on buying the full size.

Sample Size – 5ml

Sample Worth – 80p

Rating – ☆☆☆☆☆


The DHC sample pack came with 4 different products to try a face scrub, night cream, day cream and a primer. I love that this sample was a full skincare kit which is something I haven’t seen before with the Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix. I used half of the scrub in the morning followed by the day cream and then the primer, my skin felt super soft and my makeup applied perfectly with that primer. In the evening I used the rest of the scrub and the night cream, my skin felt extremely hydrated right through till the next day. The whole DHC range is pretty budget friendly and I would certainly recommend the primer.

Sample Size – Overal 6g

Sample Worth – £1.98

Rating – ☆☆☆☆

Ioma Energize Vitality Sleeping Mask

I feel like this is similar to the Glamglow Dream Duo, you apply before bedtime and wake up with beautiful skin. My skin felt hydrated but the results from one use were not as drastic as the Glamglow Dream Duo. I was a little underwhelmed but maybe I was expecting too much from just one use.

Sample Size – 1ml

Sample Worth – 98p

Rating – ☆☆☆

I haven’t bought myself a Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix in a couple of months as I didn’t fancy trying the products they had in stock, but that’s the beauty of the Pick’n’mix. You’re not tied into anything so if you don’t want any items you don’t have to order a box!

Bea xo

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    • BeaLou
      BeaLou says:

      Hi Khaya!
      The mini bottles are 5ml so not much product but they do come in a mini-sized bottle that looks like the full-sized ones!
      I have a small obsession for mini perfumes lol xo

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