Vegan Creamy Pasta Sauce

Vegan Creamy Pasta Sauce

This creamy pasta sauce is flavourful and easy to make. I personally add it to pasta or spaghetti with some pulled vegan chicken or to gnocchi with chopped up vegan Italian sausage.

Serves – 4 people or 2 if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Prep Time – 2 minutes

Cooking Time – 7 minutes

You’ll Need:


Step 1: Start by finely chopping your onions and frying over a medium heat until softened.

Step 2: Add the cream and stock cube/pot to the onions and stir on a medium heat until the stock pot has melted.

Step 3: Add 150ml of water, smoked paprika, garlic powder and onion powder, stir for a few minutes heat the sauce.

Step 4: Add gravy and peas, stir until gravy granules have dissolved and leave to simmer until peas have cooked. *For a thicker sauce add more gravy granules*

Step 5: Add salt and pepper to taste, stir into cooked pasta and serve.

Step 6: Enjoy.


If you try this recipe let me know in the comment box below!

Bea xo

Stir Fry Sauce Recipe

Stir Fry Sauce Recipe

This stir fry sauce recipe is a perfect mixture of sweet and salty. It is really easy to make and can also be used as a dipping sauce.

Serves – 2 – 4 depending on how saucy you like your food.

Prep Time – 3 Mins

Cooking Time – 5 Mins

You’ll Need:


Step 1: Over low-medium heat combine soy sauce, maple syrup and sesame oil and heat for 1 minute.

Step 2: Add the 5 spice, garlic granules and sesame seeds and mix until fully combined.

Step 3: Add the sauce to your vegetables/noodles and stir-fry over a medium-high heat until the sauce has thickened and coated the vegetables/noodles.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy.


If you try this recipe let me know in the comment box below!

Bea xo

How I’m Losing Weight The Easy Way.

Since leaving home and living by myself I let the freedom of buying my own food take over me. For years I’ve been eating naughty foods and letting the weight pile on. A while ago I decided to jump on the scales to see how much I actually weighed (I hadn’t weighed myself since 2011) When I looked down at the scales I was shocked to see I weighed 17st 4lb and confirmed obese. From that day onwards I decided it was time to look after my body and shift some weight.

After spending months “dieting” by only eating 1 meal a day I was not seeing much of a result. I ended up losing my first stone about 3 months later. I thought to myself “I must be doing something wrong”. I downloaded a calorie tracker on my phone, it turns out even though I was only eating 1 meal a day most of my meals were OVER my calorie and fat intake for the day!

That Explains a lot.

Starting Again

I had read an article about a couple who had lost a ton of weight by eating off a child-sized plate so I made the decision to do the same. I cut my meals down to half adding more veggies and fewer products containing high fat. Also, I switched my bread and pasta to whole wheat.

The first time I had dinner from a small plate I thought I would not be full up, but to my surprise, I was pretty full. After my first week, I jumped on the scales and had a 4lb loss! It defiantly gave me the incentive to carry on with restricting my calorie intake!

Being A Lazy Cook Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Lose Weight

I don’t have the time to be making all my meals from scratch so I tend to buy a lot of pre-made items. Of course, making food from scratch will likely mean it has fewer calories etc but sometimes people just don’t have the time to do it. As long as you’re not eating too much food you should still be consistently losing weight.


It wasn’t long before I could not handle overeating anymore and I was losing weight at a healthy rate! Once I had lost around 2 stone people started to notice and my clothes became loose which defiantly boosted my confidence. I CAN DO THIS!

December was a very hard month to lose weight, in fact, I actually gained 4lbs over the festive period, going back to eating normally in January was pretty hard but I knew it was for the best.

I tend to give myself a small target to reach, for example, lose 2lbs in 3 weeks. I always make my small targets very reachable as it takes a lot of pressure off of me.

I Don’t Work Out

I really HATE working out, so I don’t. Yes, it helps when losing weight but for me, it hasn’t been something I have had to do to lose weight. I don’t have the time to be spending hours at the gym nor will my dog give me enough space to do any exercises at home. I do however take my doggo out for walks which I guess means I do exercise.. a bit.

Example Of What I Eat In A Day

Breakfast – 1 slice of wholewheat toast with dairy free butter and marmite. 1 cup of tea with no milk. A small handful of nuts.

Lunch – 1 Nakd bar or 1 Deliciously Ella bar and a piece of fruit

Dinner – 1 McCains jacket potato with half a can of Heinz beans with a little bit of Pink Himalayan Salt and White Pepper.

Snacks – 1 square of 70% Dark chocolate. 100g of Blueberries.

Drinks – 2ltrs of filtered water or water with freshly squeezed Lemon juice


  • Be happy that you’ve only lost 1 pound! Any loss is good!
  • If you want a treat, have a treat! Just make sure you’re still within your calorie limit.
  • Track your calories. Yes it’s annoying sometimes but it really does help you get an understanding of how much food you are eating (I use the Nutra Check app)
  • Avoid weighing yourself every day as your weight can fluctuate by a few pounds, instead weigh yourself once a week first thing in the morning before eating.
  • Take a multivitamin. When you’re restricting your calories you may not be getting as many nutrients in your food (especially if you’re not keen on veggies) Taking a multivitamin should give you a little boost. consult your doctor before taking any vitamins etc

So far on my weight loss journey, I have lost just over 4stone, I still have a few stone left to lose before I am a healthy weight but I’m so happy with my progress so far.

I have another post about what people don’t tell you when losing weight that you may find interesting. I would love to know about your weight loss journey, leave a comment below!

Bea xo

Ps. I am in no way a health professional so if you are planning on losing weight consult your doctor and get their professional opinion first.

Using Apple cider vinegar for weight loss.*TMI WARNING*

After searching online for tips to boost weight loss I came across tons of posts and videos about Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss. Majority of the post raved about how good it was for losing weight along with other things like treating acne and keeping hair soft and shiny.
To use Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss you should mix 2 teaspoons of ACV into 230ml of water and drink 2x a day, preferably before meals. You shouldn’t drink it undiluted as it can cause some serious damage to your throat and stomach.
As I’m actively losing weight through healthy eating I calculated that I tend to lose around 1-2lbs a week on average, and half an inch around my waist every 2weeks. I’m going to continue doing everything the same so I can see if the AVC really works.

Day 1
I started out by taking a waist measurement and weighing myself so I can keep track of any loss.
I was most curious as to what it would taste like. Will it taste of apples? Will it taste of vinegar? Will it taste like both? The answer is… It tastes of vinegar! I wouldn’t say it’s an unbearable taste. However, I do like vinegar. I had my first glass before breakfast and my second before dinner. I didn’t notice anything different in regards to how much food I could eat, and I had a huge craving for Oreos in the evening (I didn’t give in).

Day 2
I had my first glass before breakfast and after 1 slice of toast, I was stuffed! I continued to feel full all day I even had to skip my lunch. The same thing happened at dinner time, halfway through my dinner I was super full but I did force myself to eat it as I had skipped my lunch. I continued to feel full all evening with no cravings at all.

Feeling super bloated and tired today I haven’t been able to go for a “number two” for the last 3 days. I continued to use to AVC as usual. I could not get comfortable in bed due to my stomach feeling like I had swallowed a beach ball.

I still haven’t been able to go for a “number two” and I’m starting to think it is caused by the AVC as its the only thing that’s changed in my diet. However, for the sake of the test I carried on as usual with my two glasses of diluted AVC. I had zero energy all day and generally like poop.
I truly felt awful in the evening, my stomach was as hard as a rock and I again I couldn’t get comfortable in bed.

I decided to jump on the scales this morning to see if I could notice any change, to my horror I had gained 3lbs and 2inches around my waist! Not the result I was expecting. I still haven’t gone for a “number two” either. I searched online if anyone else has had this happen when using AVC, there were a handful of posts about people going through the thing I am. I made the decision to drink any AVC today as I don’t think my stomach agreed with it all. All day my stomach was making loud gurgling noises… Low and behold I finally did a “number two” THREE TIMES!


I’m really gutted I had to cut my little experiment short, but I could not deal with the stomach pains any longer. There are many success stories from people using Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss but unfortunately, mine is a success story.
Everyone is different so don’t let my review on it put you off if you’re wanting to try it. From now on I’ll be sticking to my usual healthy diet to shift the weight.

Bea xo

7 Things people don’t tell you about loosing weight

Sometimes compliments make you feel sh*tty

Once you start loosing weight people will likely say things like “wow you’ve lost some weight” “You’re looking healthy/great” Firstly when I hear comments like this I take them as a compliment but after I start thinking things like.. Did they not think I looked great before? Did I really look that bad?.. Sometimes its hard not to think that way but you shouldn’t! You’ve always looked great and people comments really don’t matter.

Sometimes you will want to give up and eat a whole cake

Loosing weight is hard.. Some people don’t understand how hard it can be for others especially when the cravings hit. I must admit I have been through a few hard days where my self worth is it an all time low and I’ve given in and eaten tons of junk. Did it make me feel better? No.

If I get cravings I like to drink a large cup of green tea and distract myself. Twinings do some amazing dessert flavoured teas that are really yummy.

Buying clothes all the time is expensive and annoying

I never thought I would say buying clothes is annoying. However, when you get invited to a last minute event/party and you put on your go too dress – that you know you look FIRE in – and its too big.. It’s a bitter sweet moment.

As i’m still actively loosing weight this happens to me a lot, I’m happy that I’ve lost weight but now I need to go buy another outfit that fits or wear a dress that now looks like a bin bag.

You CAN eat what you want!

I’ve never understood why people have told me the secret to loosing weight is a 0 carb, 0 fat, 0 sugar diet. I eat whatever I want everyday as long as I eat less of it. I used to eat 2 pies, a large pile of mash and minimal veggies for dinner. I still have pie and mash for dinner but I have 1 pie, 1 cup of mash and decent pile of veggies all served on a child’s plate, to trick my mind into thinking I’ve eaten more than I have. I even eat chocolate everyday!

I track my calorie and fat intake on the app Nutra Check which has been a life saver!

You will likely be cold..All the time

Since loosing 54lbs I’ve really noticed the cold. Pre weight loss I could roam about on cold winter days in a light jumper and not get cold. Oh how that has changed! This year I have invested in proper winter clothes for the first time in a long time.

You may not be able to see the results when you look in the mirror

This has to be the most annoying thing for me. For a long time I was looking in the mirror unable to see any difference in my body. You just have to remember, you see your body everyday so you don’t notice yourself shrinking.

I like to measure my waist and hips every couple of weeks so I can see the inches coming off.

Say goodbye to your boobs

Having gone from a modest 34B cup up to 38E my boobs have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Now I’m loosing weight I’m also loosing my boobies.. They’re not as perky as they once where but its bound to happen to most woman at some point in their life. And you know what.. Thats okay! All boobs are great boobs!


Weight loss is hard process and it can take a long time, be patient and don’t be so hard on yourself. Make sure you love yourself how you are today and never put yourself down.

Bea xo

The Best Vegan Snacks

When I first went vegan I thought I would only be eating fruit and vegetables.. I was wrong. Here are a few of the best vegan snacks that I have tried so far.

Nakd Bars

These are a great snack, especially if you’re craving something sweet. My Favourites are Blueberry Muffin and Carrot Cake.

Salted Popchips

It’s really hard not to eat the whole bag at once. They’re light, crunchy and just amazing!

Alpro Dessert Moments Halzelnut

It’s like Nutellas healthier cousin. Perfect for dessert, especially when you drizzle it over a baked banana.

Coconut Collaborative Little Chocolate Pots

They might be small but they’re super thick, creamy and rich.

Tesco Free From Cranberry and Orange Flapjack

These always remind me of Christmas, which is great for me as I LOVE Christmas. They do taste more like orange than cranberry.

Foxs Party Rings

I’m sure they’re not as big as they once where, or it might be the fact that I’ve just got bigger. Either way they taste just as good as they did.


Honestly who doesn’t love Oreos?! Just be sure to read the ingredients as some flavours are not vegan friendly.

Co-op Jam And Custard Donuts 

Defiantly one of the best vegan snacks to date! Every time I want these they’re always sold out, but if you are lucky enough to find them you may end up eating all 5 at once.

Tesco Chocolate And Hazelnut Filled Mini Churros

Honestly the best thing since sliced bread. I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on mine.


Original, Texas BBQ, BBQ Sauce, Paprika and Smokey Bacon are all vegan and all clearly marked as vegan too!

Sarelle Dark Chocolate And Hazelnut Cream Wafter Bar

If you’re missing Kinder Bueno try one of these!

Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Tastes exactly like the green triangles from a box of Quality Street.. but better of course.