Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Review

Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Review

The Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light is one of the most advanced blue light therapy treatments available on the market. It uses blue light that penetrates beneath the skin surface to destroy acne-causing bacteria, and unlike most acne treatments it doesn’t require any harsh or drying chemicals.

The light itself came tucked up in a cute box with instructions, power supply and USB cable and best of all it was fully charged so I could get started right away! I was expecting that it would be difficult to use but to my surprise, it was very easy. The light itself is a pretty smart piece of technology as it turns on with skin contact and turns off when moved off the skin.

Day 1-3

I seem to be breaking out a lot on the lower half of my face so I really wanted to get that area clear as I have a few large events coming up. After washing and drying my face I gently moved the light in circular motions over my problem areas for 5 minutes. The light does get warm which is normal but it’s not uncomfortable. I followed my treatment with my favourite moisturiser.

Day 3-7

By my 4th use, I found my skin became a little dry which is completely normal when using this product and it’s nothing that a good scrub and deep moisturiser can’t fix. I also can already see a difference in my skin, and the 5-minute routine is fitting nicely around my daily schedules.

Day 7-14

I was still experiencing a small amount of dryness but I could see that the blue light was doing its job, my breakouts where shrinking and I hadn’t had any new pimples pop up (pardon the pun). If I’m honest I am always sceptical when using new products as my skin can be sensitive but the Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light is gentle and has really made a difference to my skin.


Overall in the last two weeks, I’ve noticed that the light helped to quickly shrink my breakouts and prevent more pimples from appearing. I would suggest to always follow up the treatment with an intensive moisturiser and keep at it! I’ve had a total skin transformation in only two weeks of using this magical little light. If you want to purchase your own Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light you can do so here.

Bea xo

*This product was sent to me free for review, however, this does not affect my opinion of this product in any way. You can read about my commitment to writing honest reviews in my terms and conditions.

Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix June 2018

Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix June 2018

Here we are again one of my favourite times of the month! I was hoping to snag a mini bottle of perfume this month but there were only the 1ml vial sizes, but I did end up getting a few exciting things to try. Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix costs £3.95 and that £3.95 is credited back to your Feel Unique account to spend on future hauls.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff

I can’t say I have ever tried a “body mask” but that’s exactly what this is, well you can use it as a mask or just as an exfoliator. I opted to use it as a mask in hopes it would instantly make me have a nicer booty… I applied the mask to dry skin and laid very awkwardly on my bed for 10 minutes until it dried. Unfortunately, it didn’t give me an instantly amazing booty but it did leave my skin very soft and smooth. It was a pretty small sample so I used the whole tube in one go. The full size is pretty pricey but for the experience, I feel like its worth the price.

Sample Size – 15ml

Sample Worth – £1.95

Rating – ☆☆☆☆

Glamglow Dream Duo

I have had samples of Glamglow masks in the past and they’re great, however, I haven’t repurchased just because they’re so expensive! I really want to fall in love with a product before I risk spending almost £50 on a face mask. The Dream Duo claims to transform your skin overnight so you wake up with “makeup ready with an instant sexy Hollywood glow”. I followed the instructions before bedtime and when I woke up I did notice that my skin looked for radiant and plump. Although it did an amazing job I feel like I have far cheaper products that do the same thing.

Sample Size – 3ml

Sample Worth – £6.30

Rating – ☆☆☆☆

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

My skin has been rather dry recently so I have been on the lookout for a cleanser that won’t dry my skin out even more. First of all, it smells amazing, it did a good job at removing my make up including eyelash glue and waterproof mascara. The cleanser didn’t leave me dry nor did it sting my skin. The sample lasted me 2 washes but that was enough to have me sold on buying the full size.

Sample Size – 5ml

Sample Worth – 80p

Rating – ☆☆☆☆☆


The DHC sample pack came with 4 different products to try a face scrub, night cream, day cream and a primer. I love that this sample was a full skincare kit which is something I haven’t seen before with the Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix. I used half of the scrub in the morning followed by the day cream and then the primer, my skin felt super soft and my makeup applied perfectly with that primer. In the evening I used the rest of the scrub and the night cream, my skin felt extremely hydrated right through till the next day. The whole DHC range is pretty budget friendly and I would certainly recommend the primer.

Sample Size – Overal 6g

Sample Worth – £1.98

Rating – ☆☆☆☆

Ioma Energize Vitality Sleeping Mask

I feel like this is similar to the Glamglow Dream Duo, you apply before bedtime and wake up with beautiful skin. My skin felt hydrated but the results from one use were not as drastic as the Glamglow Dream Duo. I was a little underwhelmed but maybe I was expecting too much from just one use.

Sample Size – 1ml

Sample Worth – 98p

Rating – ☆☆☆

I haven’t bought myself a Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix in a couple of months as I didn’t fancy trying the products they had in stock, but that’s the beauty of the Pick’n’mix. You’re not tied into anything so if you don’t want any items you don’t have to order a box!

Bea xo

E’lifexir Fitness Body Contouring Gel Review

E’lifexir Fitness Body Contouring Gel Review

I am always down to try anything that claims to shape, define and tone especially when 99.6% of the ingredients are from natural origin!

E’lifexir is a new body treatment range featuring 7 products each targeting different areas of the body. E’lifexir products are certified natural and vegan! Just when you think it doesn’t get any better their products contain NO parabens, acrylates, colourants, petrolatum, mineral oils, paraffin, silicones, PEGs, sulphates or artificial fragrances. Each product retails for £15.99 for 150ml.

The Gel Contains These Skin-Loving Ingredients:

Caffeine – Tones, defines and helps fat combustion

Dragon Eye Extract – Prevents fat accumulation

Black Elder Extract – Improves microcirculation and decongestion of skin tissue

Lemon, Cranberry And Orange Water – High levels of vitamin C boost production of collagen

E’lifexir Fitness Body Contouring Gel helps to maximise your exercise routine which is great for me as I work out daily. As per instructions, I have been applying the products to my target areas (legs, bum and tum) in the morning, before exercise and in the evening, it seems excessive but it’s worth it.

The consistency looks and feels like a cream when dispersed but absorbs very quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue meaning you can get dressed straight away.

I have been using this product religiously for a week and I have already seen a difference in my skin. My cellulite has been reduced, my skin feels and looks firmer and I feel moisturised. I have even had compliments about the way I smell when using this gel! I was super sceptical about this product but the results speak for themselves and I will continue to use it.



If you fancy trying the E’lifexir Body Contouring Gel or any of their other products you can buy them here.

Bea xo

Dry Skin Tips

Dry Skin Tips

Dry skin is annoying, right? Especially when you’ve spent far too much money on makeup to be having it look crusty in certain areas. I have personally suffered from dry skin for the last few months and I have finally conquered it using these dry skin tips.


You would think this is the most simple way to get rid of dry skin.. just scrub it away. Well, its a little more complex. Yes, scrubs so help remove dead skin but if you’re not using a scrub that nourishes the skin at the same time you could end up making your skin aggravated and even more dry. I love the L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub with 3 fine sugars and cocoa butter it scrubs away dead skin and moisturises at the same time.


Your cleanser could be playing a big part in making your skin dry. A lot of cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils which is great if you have oily skin but not good if you have dry skin. I switched over to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which can be used as a face wash or applied to dry skin with the excess taken off with a cotton pad. Cetaphil has a very gentle formula made especially for dry skin.

Moisturise Me, Moisturise Me!

Pretty obvious but crucial step. You’ll likely need a few moisturisers on the go depending on what you’ll be doing that day. Example – you won’t want to use a heavy moisturiser under your foundation as it can cause your foundation to separate or cause you to look very oily.

Day Time – I would opt for a gel moisturiser as it sinks nicely into the skin and gives a good base for makeup. Superdrug Vitamin C Gel Moisturiser is my favourite

Evening/Lazy Days – I would use a heavier more nourishing moisturiser like the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Overnight – If you dream of waking up with hydrated skin an overnight moisture mask is your best bet! I love the Oh K! Sleep Mask.

Hydrated Insides Mean Hydrated Outsides

Water is pretty magical really. Not only does it help keep those pesky dry patches at bay but it’ll also have a big impact on your overall health. You’re supposed to drink at least 2 liters of water per day to keep your body hydrated and functioning correctly. Admittedly I am pretty terrible at remembering to drink water so I invested in a 2 Liter Water Bottle so I can track my water intake. If you find standard water boring try adding some fruit slices to give it some flavour.


I prefer not to add oils to my skin as I find it can clog my pores so, I eat my oils instead. I always take 1-4 Flaxseed Oil Capsules a day, which not only helps with the dryness of my skin but also my hair and nails. *Please consult a Doctor before taking any tablets that are not prescribed*

I have personally used all these dry skin tips and the results have been amazing!

Have anything else to add? Leave a comment below!

Bea xo

How To Get Shiny Hair

How To Get Shiny Hair

Dull hair can usually be fixed with a very simple haircare routine and at very little cost. Shiny hair not only makes your hair look fabulous but can also create a more put together look overall. Yes but how?! You ask… Well, here are my tips on how to get shiny hair – and it’s super easy!


The shampoos you use will tend to play a big role in why your hair inst looking glossy and sleek. If you’re shampooing on the regular you’re removing your natural oils that keep your hair looking shiny. If you have dry hair opt for a nourishing or hydrating shampoo but if you find your roots get greasy easily use a shampoo that is tailored for greasy hair. Tip: Avoid using shampoo on the ends and lengths of your hair unless you have product build up. As the ends and lengths tend to be weaker than your roots and scrubbing them with shampoo can cause dryness and breakage.


You know when you feel your skin starting to go tight and dry after washing your face? That’s exactly what happens to your hair so it’s vital to add some hydration back to your strands. As my hair is particularly dry I like to condition from root to tip but if you have a greasy hair type just focus the conditioner on your lengths and ends. Using a hair mask once a week will also help boost your shine. Tip: Squeeze excess water from your hair before applying conditioner as it helps your hair absorb the product.

Leave In Conditioners/Serums/Oils

I have never really bothered with leave-in conditioners/serums/oils but since discovering them I have noticed a vast difference in the shininess and quality of my hair. After patting excess water from my hair with a towel I like to generously spray my leave-in conditioner through the lengths and ends of my hair. If you have really dry hair you may find a hair oil works better for you, for fine hair serums are the best way to go.


Not something you would have ever thought could help with the shininess of your hair, right? But drying your hair in a downwards motion helps keep your flyaways looking flat creating the illusion your hair is shinier and sleeker. If you prefer to let your hair dry naturally, keep your hair secured in a braid or clipped out of the way to dry. Tip: If you’re using a hair dryer always apply a heat protecting spray to avoid damage to the hair!

Give Me More!

Okay okay okay, your hair may look shinier but if you’re left wanting a more glossy look there are a few more things you can do. Shine sprays are one of the easiest fail-safe options, or you can use a small amount of serum on dry hair. Serum, however, can be tricky to use as if you use even a tad too much it can leave your hair looking greasy. Disperse a small amount of serum onto your fingertips and rub together, lightly run your fingers through the lengths and ends of your hair, you can use any leftover product on roots/top of your head to smooth any flyaways you may have.


I told you it was simple! Remember to be patient, it may take a couple of washes etc to see a more drastic result but you should see results virtually straight away! You don’t need any fancy products and it can definitely be done on a budget.

Bea xo

Products I Recommend:

Superdrug Pro Vitamin Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Palmers Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner

Superdrug Hydrate & Shine Coconut Water Hair Mask

OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

VO5 Sleek Blow Dry Heat Protect Spray

TRESemme Touchable Ultimate Hold And Shine Spray

Tips For Glowing Skin

Tips For Glowing Skin

Summer is here and gorgeous glowing skin is all the rage right now. Glowing skin is a sign of good health and youth and let’s face it we tend to feel better when our skin looks and feels good. Whether you want glowing skin everyday or for a special event, these tips for glowing skin will help you on your way to being a glowing god or goddess!


By exfoliating, you’re buffing away dead skin cells and dirt and revealing new and healthier skin. It is really important to make sure you have a fresh and smooth base before applying anything else to the skin.

My favourite scrubs are the L’Oreal Sugar Scrub for face and the St Moriz Exfoliating Primer for the body. Tip: For a more intense exfoliation use scrubs on dry skin.


After exfoliating it’s best to hydrate the new skin to ensure it stays soft and smooth. Hydrated skin tends to naturally look more glowy so make sure you’re staying hydrated by drinking lots of water as well as applying products to the skin.

My favourite moisturisers are the Superdrug Vitamin C Gel Moisturiser for face and Superdrug Vitamin E Body Cream.


Maybe the most important step! Applying a glowy highlight to the high points of your face (cheekbones, bridge of nose & brow bone) really makes the skin look more 3D and sun-kissed. As I have yellow undertones to my skin I tend to use gold toned highlights. You may find that a pink or silver toned highlight suit your skin tone more so you should experiment with different shades.

My Favourite is MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight in shade Golden Scintillation. Tip: For a super intense glowy look use a shimmery primer before applying foundation and a shimmery body lotion on shoulders, chest and legs.

Don’t Forget About Your Hair

It might seem strange but if your face and body are glowing to the gods but your hair is looking dry and flat it can throw the entire look off! Make sure you’re taking care of your hair keeping it hydrated by using a moisturising hair mask. For extra shine use a finishing oil or shine spray to give hair that extra sleek look. My favourite products are the Superdrug Hydrate And Shine Coconut Water Masque and the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

If You Still Need More Glow

  • Avoid matte lipstick and opt for a gloss instead.
  • Run a shimmery bronze eyeshadow across your eyelids and lower lash line to tie in with your highlight.
  • Use a shimmering body oil for a super intense look.
  • Swap your matte contour shade for a shimmery bronzer.
  • Set your makeup with an illuminating setting spray.

Do you have any tips for glowing skin? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Bea xo

How To Get The Perfect Shave

How To Get The Perfect Shave In 6 Easy Steps.

Step One – Get Rid Of Old Razors

Do not use old razors! After some time razors become blunt and can cause shaving rash and minor cuts. It’s best to replace razors/razor heads after 5-7 uses. If you don’t shave very often be sure to replace razors at least once a month as they are a breeding ground for bacteria. My favourite razor is the Venus Swirl.

Step Two – Exfoliate

It’s important to remove dead skin and dirt from the skin before shaving to ensure you get a close shave. I use the St Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer. Tip – Work the product into the skin using circular motions for best results.

Step Three – Use Shaving Gel/Cream

Using a shaving gel/cream reduces the friction between your skin and the razor blade giving you a smoother more comfortable shave. Using a shave gel/cream also gives you a guide as to where you have and haven’t shaved. I use Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel.

Step Four – Shave Correctly

Shaving the correct way is extremely important to ensure you get a smooth and even shave. Shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth and do not go over the same area more than once as it can cause irritation. Tip – Rinse the razor between each section to remove the build-up of hair in the razor.

Step Five – Be Gentle

Treat your freshly shaved skin like a newborn, pat skin dry and try not to put your skin in contact with anything rough or highly fragranced as your skin can be a little sensitive straight after shaving.

Step Six – Hydrate

Apply a light moisturiser to restore skins moisture and keep your skin feeling soft. I love the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Cream.


And that’s how to get the perfect shave!

Bea xo

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Review

Lancôme Hypnose Mascara Review

I have tried a ton of mascaras in my search to find my holy grail. I have only seen good things about the Lancôme Hynôse Mascara so I had to try it for myself.

The Lancôme Hypôse Mascara promises to instantly increase lash volume and provide separation without clumping with an ultra light and smudge proof formula. The mascara comes in two colours, Noir (black) Brun (deep brown) both priced at £25.00.

Firstly you can certainly tell the difference in the mascara packaging when compared to a cheaper brand, the Lancôme one feels heavier and looks more luxury

The Review

Firstly I curled my lashes then applied 1 coat using my trusty side to side motion making sure I coat all my lashes. I then waited until the first coat had dried before adding coat number two. I am really impressed with how long and thick my lashes are.




Before and After.




After 2 hours the curl in my lashes has dropped a little but my lashes are still looking virtually the same as when I first applied the mascara.

After 6 hours I noticed a small amount had transferred onto my brow bone when working out which I simply swiped away using a dry tissue.

After 8 hours my lashes still look perfectly fine however most of the curl from my eyelash curler has dropped out.

 Final Thoughts 

Overall I am really impressed with how the Lancôme Hypôse mascara held up throughout the day. When I compare its performance to a cheaper brand the Lancôme one does its job better and for a longer period of time. I do firmly believe that you should spend a little extra on products if they work well and mascara is worth every penny.

What’s your favourite mascara?

Bea xo

If you want to purchase your own Lanôme Hypôse Mascara you can do so here.

Organic Shop Raspberry And Acai Haircare Review

Organic Shop Raspberry And Acai Haircare Review

Having super long fine hair I am always looking out for new products to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. Organic Shop Raspberry and Acai use organic raspberries full of vitamin C to leave hair looking shiny and feeling more manageable, and organic Acai to help strengthen hair with vitamins A, E and B.

Organic Shop only uses the very best ingredients and traditional beauty recipes to create fun and highly effective products for body, face and hair. All of their products are free of harmful microbeads, parabens, SLS, mineral oils and GMOs. They also boast that all of their products are cruelty-free and recyclable. Products are available exclusively at Tesco and online at Organic Shop.

Raspberry And Acai Shampoo £2.50 For 280ml

I love that it comes in a pump bottle as it makes it easier to get the product out with wet hands. Having extremely long hair I tend to use more product than most people but with only a 50p sized amount I got enough lather to clean my hair. It smells like raspberries but is not overpowering which is great for people with sensitive noses like myself.

Raspberry And Acai Conditioner £2.50 for 280ml

The conditioner also comes in a pump bottle, the consistency is perfect not too thick and not too runny. I tend to use a ton more conditioner than shampoo, I used around 1/6 of the bottle to get nice coverage. Rinsing the conditioner out was super easy and it did not leave my hair feeling heavy.

Raspberry And Acai Hair Mask £2.50 for 250ml

I only use hair masks once a week or before an event to give my hair extra shine and softness. The mask has a very thick formula and a small amount goes a long way. I tend to focus it more on the dry ends of my hair rather than the root. From the first use, I fell in love with this mask, it must be one of the only masks that do not weigh down my hair or leave behind a greasy residue.


Overall I am really impressed with everything from this range and I will continue to buy these products in hopes my hair will continue to look healthier and feel stronger.

Right now Organic Shop is giving away a holiday for two people to the Caribbean worth £5000! To enter please click here.

T&Cs apply, competition ends 30th September 2018 *

Bea xo

* These products were sent to me for review. However, that does not affect my views. All reviews are my honest and real opinions. *

How To Get Healthy Nails

How To get Healthy Nails In 8 Simple Steps.

Use A Moisturising Hand Wash

Most hand washes can be very harsh on the nails, stripping them of their natural oils and leaving them dried out which can result in flaking. Opt for a moisturising hand wash like the Superdrug Moisture Plus Handwash.

Keep Them Dry

It’s a good idea to keep your nails dry as prolonged exposure to water can weaken them, Especially when you’re cleaning. Cleaning products will leave your hands and nails extremely dry and brittle, so protect your nails by using gloves when washing up and cleaning.


Moisturising your hands and nails is a very important step to achieving healthy nails. Without moisture, your nails may turn brittle and break frequently. Apply a generous amount of hand and nail cream to the hands and rub into the skin, make sure you pay lots of attention to the cuticles and nails. My favourite is the Caudalie hand and nail cream.

File in One Direction

Always file in one direction and never back and forth. Filing back and forth can leave the nail tip frayed rather and a smooth clean cut, making your nails weaker and more prone to breakage. Using a glass or crystal nail file will give you a smoother finish when compared to your standard emery board. I use the Superdrug glass nail file.

Stay Away From Nail Hardeners

I think we all make this mistake at some point, whilst nail hardeners definitely create the feeling of strong and healthy nails they also make your nails very stiff. Meaning if your knock your nail it will likely snap as there is no flexibility to them.


There are tons of “Hair, Skin And Nail” vitamins out there. However, most contain high levels of biotin which can cause breakouts in people with acne-prone skin. Instead, you could take a multivitamin and mineral. I take Veganicity multivitamin and mineral.

Always consult your doctor before taking vitamins.

Oil Up

Lots of people swear that oiling their nails and cuticles is the secret to healthy nails. Jojoba oil and castor oil being some of the best to keep those nails growing and healthy. Apply a drop or two onto the nail and cuticle and massage in until fully absorbed, repeat as often as needed.

Paint For Protection

Painting your nails provides an extra little layer of protection against the elements. Always top your polish off with a top coat to prevent your polish from chipping and exposing the nail. I use Essie Nail polish and Orly Top Coat.


Bea xo