The Best Vegan Snacks

When I first went vegan I thought I would only be eating fruit and vegetables.. I was wrong. Here are a few of the best vegan snacks that I have tried so far.

Nakd Bars

These are a great snack, especially if you’re craving something sweet. My Favourites are Blueberry Muffin and Carrot Cake.

Salted Popchips

It’s really hard not to eat the whole bag at once. They’re light, crunchy and just amazing!

Alpro Dessert Moments Halzelnut

It’s like Nutellas healthier cousin. Perfect for dessert, especially when you drizzle it over a baked banana.

Coconut Collaborative Little Chocolate Pots

They might be small but they’re super thick, creamy and rich.

Tesco Free From Cranberry and Orange Flapjack

These always remind me of Christmas, which is great for me as I LOVE Christmas. They do taste more like orange than cranberry.

Foxs Party Rings

I’m sure they’re not as big as they once where, or it might be the fact that I’ve just got bigger. Either way they taste just as good as they did.


Honestly who doesn’t love Oreos?! Just be sure to read the ingredients as some flavours are not vegan friendly.

Co-op Jam And Custard Donuts 

Defiantly one of the best vegan snacks to date! Every time I want these they’re always sold out, but if you are lucky enough to find them you may end up eating all 5 at once.

Tesco Chocolate And Hazelnut Filled Mini Churros

Honestly the best thing since sliced bread. I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on mine.


Original, Texas BBQ, BBQ Sauce, Paprika and Smokey Bacon are all vegan and all clearly marked as vegan too!

Sarelle Dark Chocolate And Hazelnut Cream Wafter Bar

If you’re missing Kinder Bueno try one of these!

Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Tastes exactly like the green triangles from a box of Quality Street.. but better of course.


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