7 Things people don’t tell you about loosing weight

Sometimes compliments make you feel sh*tty

Once you start loosing weight people will likely say things like “wow you’ve lost some weight” “You’re looking healthy/great” Firstly when I hear comments like this I take them as a compliment but after I start thinking things like.. Did they not think I looked great before? Did I really look that bad?.. Sometimes its hard not to think that way but you shouldn’t! You’ve always looked great and people comments really don’t matter.

Sometimes you will want to give up and eat a whole cake

Loosing weight is hard.. Some people don’t understand how hard it can be for others especially when the cravings hit. I must admit I have been through a few hard days where my self worth is it an all time low and I’ve given in and eaten tons of junk. Did it make me feel better? No.

If I get cravings I like to drink a large cup of green tea and distract myself. Twinings do some amazing dessert flavoured teas that are really yummy.

Buying clothes all the time is expensive and annoying

I never thought I would say buying clothes is annoying. However, when you get invited to a last minute event/party and you put on your go too dress – that you know you look FIRE in – and its too big.. It’s a bitter sweet moment.

As i’m still actively loosing weight this happens to me a lot, I’m happy that I’ve lost weight but now I need to go buy another outfit that fits or wear a dress that now looks like a bin bag.

You CAN eat what you want!

I’ve never understood why people have told me the secret to loosing weight is a 0 carb, 0 fat, 0 sugar diet. I eat whatever I want everyday as long as I eat less of it. I used to eat 2 pies, a large pile of mash and minimal veggies for dinner. I still have pie and mash for dinner but I have 1 pie, 1 cup of mash and decent pile of veggies all served on a child’s plate, to trick my mind into thinking I’ve eaten more than I have. I even eat chocolate everyday!

I track my calorie and fat intake on the app Nutra Check which has been a life saver!

You will likely be cold..All the time

Since loosing 54lbs I’ve really noticed the cold. Pre weight loss I could roam about on cold winter days in a light jumper and not get cold. Oh how that has changed! This year I have invested in proper winter clothes for the first time in a long time.

You may not be able to see the results when you look in the mirror

This has to be the most annoying thing for me. For a long time I was looking in the mirror unable to see any difference in my body. You just have to remember, you see your body everyday so you don’t notice yourself shrinking.

I like to measure my waist and hips every couple of weeks so I can see the inches coming off.

Say goodbye to your boobs

Having gone from a modest 34B cup up to 38E my boobs have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Now I’m loosing weight I’m also loosing my boobies.. They’re not as perky as they once where but its bound to happen to most woman at some point in their life. And you know what.. Thats okay! All boobs are great boobs!


Weight loss is hard process and it can take a long time, be patient and don’t be so hard on yourself. Make sure you love yourself how you are today and never put yourself down.

Bea xo

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